Hall Of Fame

Tony Bongiovi and Rob Roy of Bongiovi Acoustics - DPS plugin (01/22/12)

Brent Kynaston, LuckyDogApps.com, Linguistics Technologies (06/19/11)

Vince Jannelli, Sharp, Office Equipment Security (05/15/11)

Mark Russinovitch, Author, ZERO DAY, SysInternals, and others (04/10/11)

Mike Prusinski, Senior VP at LifeLock (03/20/11)

Yan Auerbach, SpeechTrans (03/13/11)

Vince Tseng VP Marketing, SquareTrade (01/30/11)

Ben Kaplan - How to go to college almost for free (09/07/08)

Tami Nealy of LifeLock (08/10/08)

Dr. Somesh Jha of NovaShield (08/10/08)

Jason from Visec Security Software (12/23/07)

'A Blast from the Past', with Lary Dial (11/04/07)

with Mike Torti of Microsoft (10/21/07)

with Mike Phillips (08/12/07)

with Mike Rulison, President of RTPnet

with Tollan Wade, Author "Banking, Beer & Robert the Bruce"

with Grayson Randall of Insight Racing Team

with Ralph Bond of Intel - Raleigh is #8 Unwired City in the US

with Lawrence Harte, Althos - part 2

with John Orzepowski of PNY Technologies

with Tony Gomez of PNY Technologies

with Courtney Hodgson of GCF

with Curt Brandao of Digital Slob

with eTrust's Sam Curry

Voice Over IP with Rick Bartosi of Nortel

Bob Young of LULU

Ralph Bond from Intel

Rebecca Dial about Campus Computing   Part 2

Senator Eric Reeves about I'net sales-tax   Part 2

Marshall Brain of "How Stuff Works"   Part 2

Matt King, IBM's "Home Page Reader"

Last show of the 20th Century   part 2.

with Donna of Symantec, Norton 2000

with Laine Ceely of BellSouth Mobility DCS   part 2.

with Paul Gilster   part 2.

Jim Duffy of Takenote   part 2.

Stacy from snap.com

Larry, Mark & Steve from InterLan part 2.

Laine and John from Bell South DCS

Debora Ross of the NC ACLU part 2.

Brook of Oxford & Associates

Bob Krouger of The Software Business Alliance

June 27, 1998, with 'Gonzo' of Lexmark (OptiGold ISP) - - part 2.

April 18, 1998, with Jim Johnson of Intel

April 11, 1998, with Kevin Furini of Cyrix - - part 2.

April 4th, 1998, with Jeff Abbate of Intel

March 7th, 1998, with SafetyNet and Quarterdeck - - part 2.

Feb. 14, 1998, with Spence & Steve of BayNetworks, and Miros Corp. - - part 2.

Jan. 17, 1998, with David Gardner of Computer News Group - - part 2.

Nov. 8, 1997, with Mark Shuttleworth of Thawte & Jim Settle of SST - - part 2.

Oct. 18 1997, with Kevin Furini of Cyrix

Oct. 11 1997, with Jim Duffy of TakeNote Consulting, part 1. - - part 2.

Sep. 6 1997, with Heath Falin of Essential Technologies, part 1. - - part 2.

Aug. 30 1997, with Paul Gilster - - part 2.

(The real encient scrolls, recently discovered & converted to MP3)








01-01-1994, with Jon Cox


w/ Cousin Ray, 1994


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